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Final day of Thileepan Commemorations will be conducted by the Municipal Council , says Mayor

Jaffna Mayor, E.Arnold has announced that the final day commemoration of Thileepan will be arranged exclusively by the Jaffna Municipal Council.

In a press release he had sent yesterday, he had said that Tamil people  are remembering annually , Thileepan,  who had sacrificed his life at the age of 23, for Tamil people on the 26th day of September 1987, in an exemplary way to us all, bestowing  the title “ Thiyagatheepam Lieutenant Colonel Thileepan”

As the spot on which he sacrificed  his precious life and his memorial are located within JMC Limits, it is appropriate the JMC should exclusively hold the commemoration.

This event will be organized by the Council removing all disputes connected to the event. I, on behalf of the Council request everyone to participate in the event as Tamil people shedding all race or party discrimination.

I request everyone to note that no permission shall be granted for any other event  in areas in close proximity to the memorials, he had further said.

However it is notable that a “ Commemoration  Committee” is organizing events connected to Thilleepan’s Commemoration form the start of the Commemoration week.