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Find out what is the solution under the hegemony of Bishop of Mannar, Insists the CM

“ Action should be taken to find out and publish what are the aspirations of Tamil People.The aspirations of the Tamil Diaspora should be included in them and this activity should be carried out done under the hegemony of the Bishop of Mannar.”, insisted the Chief Minister, NCP, Justice Vigneswaran. He was speaking at the 75th Birth Day celebrations of the Bishop of Mannar , Rt. Rev. Rayappu Joseph, held at the Bishop’s House, Mannar, on day before yesterday.

Continuing further he said, the Bishop had done yeoman service to Tamil people risking his own life, in tight situation. he can do better in a relaxed but confused situation in the future. He has the responsibility of bringing all Tamil people under a common consensus. He commands a great respect among Local Tamil community and the Diaspora. I presume that there will be no dispute in finding out the aspirations under his leadership, he said. As the Bishop is a confluence of antiquity and novelty, his day today us a mile stone to all of us , he said.