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First Bamboo cultivation in Sri Lanka in Vavuniya with 1,000 saplings from India

1,000 Bamboo saplings brought from India, have been planted in Vavuniya, this being the first Bamboo Cultivation in Sri Lanka.

In an inaugural Bamboo planting ceremony held at Periyar kulam in Vavuniya, MP, Selvam Adaikalanathan planted few saplings.

In order to encourage Bamboo cultivation public are to be issued freely with Bamboo saplings. Then bamboo will be purchased from them. Through this the public will be able to earn Rs.65,000 to Rs.100,000 as income, said the Administrative Director, S.Ramasubramanian.

However some Vanni residents said that the claim of being the first cultivation in Sri Lanka is false, since, even through war time the LTTE planted more than 2,500 bamboos produced from short varieties with the cooperation of the people.