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First stage of re-settlement in Valli North and Valli East

1,500 families to be resettle in 6 Grama Officer divisions.

This decision was taken in an important meeting held yesterday in Jaffna attended by the Minister of Resettlement D.M.Swaminathan, The Governor, Palihakara, Jaffna District Secretary Suntharam Arumainayagam, the Secretary to the Ministry of Re-settlement and Divisional Secretaries. The matter of releasing of 1000 acres as per the Cabinet Decision was discussed in this meeting.

Areas in Palai Veemankamam south (J/237), Kadduwan( J/238), Varuthalai villan( J/241), Kurumbasiddy (J/242), Vasavillan East( J/244) and the Vallalai (J/284) which is currently  within the High Security Zone. 400 acres in Palai Veemankamam south and Varuthalaivillan, 300 in Kadduwan and Kurumpasiddy, 200 in Vasavillan,  are to be released for re-settlement. 1500 families have registered themself for re-settlement so far.

Actions are to be taken stage by stage, to inspect the areas to be released, obtaining the Mine- clearance certificates, registration of people to be re-settled.

A Task force had been formed under the leadership of Harin Fernando and inclusive of the District Secretary, Divisional Secretary, and Army representatives.

The Minister for rehabilitation said that the arrangements will be completed soon and lands handed over to the people in 3 weeks.