Saturday 26 September 2020
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First Tamil Governor, Dr. Suren Ragavan,  appointed for North

First Tamil Governor, Dr. Suren Ragavan,  appointed for North

Dr. Suren Ragavan  was appointed  by President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday for Northern   province.

Dr. Suren Ragavan  was appointed as the Director of the President’s Media Unit and as an Advisor to the President in November last year. This is the first time that a Tamil has been appointed as the Governor of the North.

The president’s Media Unit had announced yesterday that Governors had been appointed by the President. Accordingly, Dr. Suren Ragavan had taken his oaths yesterday before President Maithripala Sirisena, yesterday, Monday.

Who is Dr. Suren Ragavan ?

The Governor of the Northern Province, Prof. Suren Ragavan is the first person in Asia to receive The James Madison Memorial Fellowship twice.

Receiving his Doctorate in Arts stream  from Kent University in 2008, he completed his Master’s Degree in 2005. Later he was granted the Scholarship of British Government during 2008 – 2011. Bestowed with the OSAP award of the Canada – Ontario University, he also has direct experience in Politics. He currently serving as the Lecturer of the St. Paul University, Ottawa.

He has presented more than 25 research papers at various international forums and contributed to several academic books. His recent publications include The Buddhist Monks and the Politics of Lanka’s Civil War (Equinox – UK), and Post -War Militancy of Sinhala Saṅgha: Reasons and Reactions (Oxford University Press (North America) [co-edited].

2 thoughts on “First Tamil Governor, Dr. Suren Ragavan,  appointed for North

  1. Das Samuel

    All governors in Sri Lanka are political puppets of the of the President.
    Those of northern and eastern provinces have to also please the military which is in occupation of both provinces.
    Ragavan will face reality soon.

  2. Kurinchi Malar

    Request for Tamil people…. he is not going to do any good things to you. very soon he will be the president of Sri Lanka with Indian government’s support.


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