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Fisher went for overnight fishing in Irranaitheevu sent back by Navy

The fishermen who went for overnight fishing in Iranaitheevu were sent back by the Navy saying that they have not received any orders regarding the permission for fishing.

Iranaitheevu is situated around 13 sea miles away from  Poonakary Divisional Secretary area in Kilinochchi. People who expelled from Iranai theevu are living in Iranaimatha Nagar. These people had live permanently in their refuge due to war. Although during the war period people were able to fish in Iranaitheevu, after the end of the war fishing there was prohibited.

Recently, the state Minister for Children’s Affairs, Wijayakala Maheswaran took some of the fishermen to Iranaitheevu with the permission of the Navy and had promised the people permanent permission will be obtained from the government to stay in the island.

Following media report that permission had been granted for fishing the fishermen went there but to be turned back. The state minister had said that basic facilities will be provided first before releasing the island for resettlement.