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Fishermen who went for fishing in Mannar turned back by the Navy

The Fishermen who went to sea from Periyapalathady were checked in mid seas and sent back to the shore. The fishermen were angered by the move and showed their opposition on the beach.

Several hundred fishermen from Mannar Pallimunai,Panankkaddukkoddu and Santhypuram, went for fishing as usual through Periyapalathady beach.

On the average around 8 fishermen had manned each boat. But the Navy who intercepted them had said only 3 can go in each boat and asked the others to return back.They have said to the fishermen that they are doing so on an order from the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

When the Mannar Fisheries Department was contacted from sea over hand phone, they have said that, they have nothing to do with this ordered. Angered fishermen have returned en masse to shore, without going for fishing.

The fishermen who got together on the beach engaged in arguments with the Navy and the Fisheries Department officials.During this time, Vanni MP, Carles Nirmalanathan, Mannr Police OIC, The assistant Director of Mannar Fisheries Department, N.Meranda,Vicar General of Mannar diocese Antony Victor Sosai, and NPC member, Dr. Gunaseelan sped to the beach and had discussions with the fishermen.

At this moment the Navy showed a letter issued by the Fisheries Department saying to allow only 3 persons per boat. They also asked the Dept. Officials to issue them a letter permitting 8 persons to go in a boat, which the official accepted and said that the fishermen could go for fishing without any problem.