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Fisherworkers forum urges Modi to find permanent solution to fishermen issue

Indian National Fishworkers Forum (NFF) has requested Prime Minster Narendra Modi to use diplomatic channels to hold dialogue with neighbouring countries including Sri Lanka, who arrest, attack and incarcerate Indian fishermen, the New Indian Express news agency reported.

NFF chairperson, M Ilango and general secretary, Narendra R Patil, in a letter, have urged the PM to pay attention to the issue that affects the livelihood of fisher communities and bring a permanent solution with a human touch.

They also wanted the PM to hold consultation with leaders of the fisher communities at the national level.

Ilango said fishermen of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Diu, Daman and West Bengal are continuously affected by the navies of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

In the South, 40 fishing boats of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are confiscated and let to lie unmaintained for months by Sri Lanka and 35 fishermen are imprisoned.

Ilango said all the countries concerned, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are members of the UN and they have ratified the International Law of the Seas. But no effort has been taken by these countries to implement the International law and instead they continue to arrest or shoot innocent fishermen and confiscate their boats, Ilango added.