Tamil Diplomat

Fishlings  deposited in Kaddukkarai kulam in Mannar under Provincial Fisheries Ministry’s Plan

As per Provincial Minister of Fisheries plan to encourage the livelihood of Northern Province fresh water fishermen’s Associations, 450,000 fishlets and 1,200,000 young prawns were already released into Kaddkkaraikulam this year. For further encouraging of the fresh water fishermen another batch of 50,000 fishlets were purchased at a cost of Rs.100,000/- and released into Kaddukkaraikulam at 2.30 p.m. yesterday.

At the same time, the people of Poomalarnthan coming under Madhu Divisional Secretary’s area of Mannar District, were met and their requirements were discussed. A event to release 50,000 fishlets into Poomalarnthan kulam was held day before yesterday at 12.30p.m., for encouraging the livelihood of the people of Poomalarnthan.

Further 50,000 fishlets were released intoVankalai Tank on day before yesterday at 3 p.m.