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Flood water inundate houses due to drainage blocked by Fish Farm Mannar South Bar

The whole village of South Bar, in Mannar has been submerged in flood waters and saline water has invaded in land due the Fish breeding Farm in the village, the villagers said.

Because of the Fish breeding farm located in the lagoon of South Bar and its drainage system, the rain water received in the village is not able to drain into the sea and flood the village.

The flood water has invaded the houses and affecting their vegetable gardens , the villagers say.

The matter was informed to the Divisional Secretariat and the members of the Town Council, and the Director of planning of the Divisional Secretariat and the Town Council members  have visited the spot and have made temporary arrangement for draining the flood water and had provided a temporary solution.

The Divisional Secretariat Officials have promised that a special discussion will be held over the Fish breeding farm and the approvals granted to it with the participation of affected people and the Farm owners.