Friday 22 November 2019
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Forcing Buddhism into North and East is a betrayal to Tamil People: says the CM Wigneswaran

Forcing Buddhism into North and East  is a betrayal to Tamil People: says the CM Wigneswaran

Establishment of “Unitary State” under the guise of “Aekeeya Rajya” and forcing Buddhism  on North and Eastern Provinces is a betrayal of Tamils ,  who consider these provinces as their mother land, said the Chief Minister of NPC, C.V.Wigneswaran .

In a context of the Constitutional Council is to be convened, the term “Aekeeya Rajya”  has been subjected to strong criticisms.  Interpretations have been given to this term to mean ‘some sort of Unitary State system”.  Answering Media Men’s request for a clarification, the CM said as above.

Elaborating further he said that, we should not hide the truth through word – magic. ‘Aekiya Rajya’ is another name for “Unitary state.” All these days Unitary State has been in practice. The practicing of Unitary State system was the cause behind, racial conflicts and crises relevant to them. When it is called as Unitary State system or renaming it as Aekiya Rajya or calling it deceitfully as Integrated State, it only means that this is a country of the majority.

The rule of the country should be in accordance with the term ‘United State’. If the ethnic conflict to be brought to an end, all races of this country  should be incorporated in the Government as equal partners. When that is done , invariably that ruled has to be called as United state or United country, i.e.  it has to be called as “Eksath Rataya”

Sinhala people may oppose this thinking that they are to lose all powers they held. But  they should think that the current political situation was brought about artificially by deceitful promises given to the English at independence. If we put a full stop to the racial conflict of the country, on the next day itself the country  will attain a revival economically, Socially and Politically and also a massive improvement.

It is my opinion that it will be better to use  Eksath Rata than Aekiya Rata, he said.

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