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Forest Department Officials trying to take over the lands of Tamils: Sivasakthy Anandan

The Forest Department Officials are trying to demarcate the lands of the Tamil People living in Poompugar, in Vavuniya as land belonging to the Forest Department and take over them, said the TNA MP Sivasakthy Anandan.

These people displaced from the south as the result of Race Riots in 1977 had settled in Poompugar. They were displaced during 1990, 1994,1996 and 2003 and  went up to Mullivaikal. They lost their kin sans all the belongings during the height of the war and now had resettled again here and living without any livelihood assistance. Now the Forest Department Officials are trying to take over the lands of these people. The land of 22 families which had displaced to India and not in a position to return back also included in these lands, together with lands with LDO permits and receipts issued by Divisional Secretariat, Vavuniya.

All the pleadings to the Forest Department Officials to let them live in their land had fallen on deaf ears. If the damaged tank closer the village is renovated, it will help their livelihood through their agricultural efforts, the villagers said. They have also said the same Officials look the other way when the Army and Vanni Minister cut Forest trees and remove them, but they are adamant in evicting these people.

 He also said that pressure will be exerted on the new Government and suitable solution to these people, who had been affected by war, and race riots.