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Former Army Commanders withdraw defamatory cases for 1,200 Million from Uthayan, Pay costs

Two former Commanders of the Sri Lankan Army, who had filed defamatory cases against the Jaffna based News Paper for a total of 1,200 Million, withdrew their cases yesterday paying all costs to date.

Former Army Commander Lt.Gen. Jagath Jayasooriya and former Army Commander for Jaffna, Maj. Gen. M.hathurusinghe had earlier filed these cases in the Jaffna District Curt.

Uthayan daily had earlier published a news item quoting Lt.Gen. Jagath Jayasooriya as saying that, although he is the Army Commander, he did not have the authority in reality. Jayasooriya filed a case against Uthayan in the year 2012  that,  the said news is false and his good name had been tarnished by the news. He had also claimed  100 Million each from the Chief Administrator and the Chief Editor of Uthayan. After 4 years of proceedings the Lawyer of Gen. Jayasooriya informed court that his client is withdrawing the case, and all costs to date was paid by him to the Chief Administrator of Uthayan.

Major Genenral M.Hathurusinghe filed a defamatory case in 2013 against the Chairman of Uthayan Group and TNA MP, Saravanapavan

In a condemning message against the burning of copies of Thinakural daily being burnt while being taken for distribution, Saravanapavan had stated that, the Commander of the Jaffna District is liable to account for this kind of anarchies happening in the peninsula which is under the complete control of the Armed forces.

He had stated in his plaint the such a comment had spoiled the good name of him, who had been bestowed with several awards by the Army. He had also claimed  500 Million each from the Chief Administrator and the Chief Editor of Uthayan.

When this case was taken up for trial the Lawyer who appeared for him informed the court that his client is withdrawing his case and paying all costs to the respondents.

The court allowed this and declared that the case is being closed with this.