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Former militant hand-cuffed behind the back and arrested on road in Kilinochchi

A former militant was hand-cuffed behind the back, arrested and taken away in a white van by unidentified persons at around 3.00 p.m. of A9 road at 155th mile post, Kilinochchi, yesterday Tuesday.

Mohanaseelan Nishanthan (aged 26) of Thondaiman Nagar, Kilinochchi, who had been released after undergoing 4 years of Rehabilitation is the person who had been arrested yesterday in this fashion.

At around 3.00 p.m. yesterday, persons who came in a white van caught Nishanthan on the road, hand-cuffed him behind the back and taken him away in the white van. It is not known as to who arrested Nishanthan? , why he was arrested or where he had been taken. The person who took him did not identify themselves.

People who saw the incident informed the relatives and when the relatives went to the Iranaimadu DIG’s Office, they were aske to go to Kilinochchi Police Station. Kilinochchi police had told them to inquire at Vavuniya police station, because the Vavuniya TID could have arrested Nishanthan.

Although it is required by law reason for arrest and place of detention should be informed to relatives, this arrest without any procedure had created fear among people.