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Former woman- militant dies in fire accident

Jeeva Selvakumari  of Kepapulavu, Wattappalai , a former LTTE militant , caught fire and died in Jaffna Teaching hospital .

Having lost vision in one eye, her other eye was with impaired vision. Her husband had abandoned following her return from rehabilitation Centre was living with her sister. She had gone to her brother’s house in Kokilai on 12th December. She had attempted to light a fire to smoke the mosquitoes out.

Unfortunately , she did not noticed kerosene on her dress and the fire caught on to her. Admitted to Mancholai hospital first, she was transferred to Jaffna Teaching Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. She leaves behind three children aged17, 8 and 2.

Only the eldest daughter had come with her mother, and following her plea that she don’t have the money to perform the last and to bury the body on state expenses, the Medical authorities, Jaffna, made arrangement for her body to be buried in Mullaitheevu.