Tamil Diplomat

Forsaken by all, the TPPs continue for the 4th day, their fast unto death

The TPPs in Anuradhapura prison, expressed their grief that all had forsaken them but they are determined to continue their struggle until their demands are met.

Yesterday 3 of them were transferred to other prisons for their cases. 21 TPPs who were detained in Anuradhapura commenced their fast unto death on 21st Wednesday. They started their struggle requesting that their case be expedited and their cases be transferred to Vavuniya or Jaffna court.

The fast was undertaken yesterday for the 4th day. The cases of three of TPPs who were engaged in the fast, were to be taken up this week in Colombo and Bogampara and they were transferred Colombo and Bogampara and Colombo.

The struggle will continue until they get their solution, the TPPs said.