Tamil Diplomat

Fortify economic, social, political strength: PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has appealed to all communities to extend support to fortify the economic, social and political strength.  In his message, he said:
 “This New Year dawns with the refreshing promise of a new era – one that ushers in the dividends of democracy, fulfilling the long held aspirations of the people. It celebrates the emerging of a nation that understands and comprehends the true meaning of freedom from oppression.
As a nation, we have triumphed over adversity and challenges that threatened the very fabric of our society.
Today, gifted with a new political culture that affords us all the opportunity to rise above differences, we have before us a new and exciting journey – one that brings together opportunities for growth, sustainable development and progress while affirming the rights and privileges of the citizens, incorporating their hopes and aspirations.
We enter 2016 on a note of hope and abundance, as a country fortifying its economic, social and political strength.
 May 2016 be a year of triumph and victory for all Sri Lankans.”