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Four killed, several injured in horrible Hi-ace – Lorry accident at Kokkavil, Mulaitheevu

Four persons from Vadamaradchchi Malu junction were killed on the spot in a terrible accident at Kokkavil Mulaitheevu. This disaster had occurred by a Hi-ace travelling from Colombo colliding with a parked lorry at Kokkavil.

The Hi-ace van had lost control and rammed into a parked lorry at a spot on A9 road, between Kokkavi and Pathineddam Por, in which four people had died on the spot and several were injured and they had been rescued and being treated at Kilinochchi District hospital.


Sinnaththurai Krishnaruban (aged 18), Sibasubramanium Sinthujan, (aged 18), P.Arun (aged 20), M.Kanthan (aged 35), all of Malu Santhi, Vadamaradchchi,  were four persons killed in this accident. This accident had occurred at around 8.30 p.m.

This Hi-ace vehicle was travelling while it was raining , on the A9  Road,  and it lost control of the speed and colloided in to the parked lorry.

Informed of this incident, Mankulam Police and the travelers on the road, rescued the injured and admitted them in the District Hospital, Kilinochchi. It is learnt that the Hi-ace was returning after purchasing clothes to sold in Vadamaradchchi. Police are proceeding with the inquiries.