Saturday 11 July 2020
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Friction between people of Mulai/Thamduvaan and Survey Department

Friction between people of Mulai/Thamduvaan and Survey Department

People of Thanduvaan have expressed their opposition to the disseising and demarcating of the lands owned by people by the District Survey Department in Mulaitheevu District.

When an activity of Survey Department was undertaken yesterday at Thanduwan in Mulaitheevu District , the area people have expressed their opposition.

When the Survey Department engaged in demarcating lands of people alone the sub roads leading away from A9 and A35 high ways, people had expressed their opposition.

In a context where the public had obtained permission from Pradeshiya Sabahs in Mulaitheevu and had built Houses, Shops and boundary walls, the Survey Department is in the process of demarcating them for themselves and disseising lands of people.

In this context the people of Thanduwan protested and prevented the demarcation activities of the Survey Department.

Police came to the spot and tried to pacify the people, who had informed the police that they are to make a written complaint to the Divisional Secretary on the following day. Following this all had dispersed from the area.

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