Tuesday 22 May 2018
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Friction between Tamil and Sinhala Fishermen at Kokkilai

Friction between Tamil and Sinhala Fishermen at Kokkilai

Tension prevailed between Tamil and Sinhala Fishermen from the South who have forcefully encroached into Kokkilai with the connivance of state officials and security forces.  The friction flared up when surveying activities were undertaken as per court orders.

While the surveying was in progress the Land officers of the Karaithuraipattu DS office, came to the spot, but walked out soon after saying that the surveying is being done in contravention to court orders. As a consequence the surveying was done in a confused situation.

Earlier 3 Sinhalese fishermen had filed a case in Mullaitheevu Courts saying that the Beach  area allocated for Tamil fishermen is projecting into their fishing area. On the submission by DS that the area allocated for Tamil Fishermen does not breach into area allocated for Sinhala Fishermen, supported by Survey Department maps, the court ordered for a fresh surveying with all parties concerned being present.

The Officials of the Department of Aquatic Resources who came from Colombo insisted that the surveying should started from a point 300 Meters away from ‘ Muhathuwaram Thalai Padu’ which is currently under the encroachment of Southern Fishermen.The Karaithuraipqattu DS Office Land Officers walked out of the Surveying saying it is contravening the court order.

The Sinhala fishermen insisted that surveying should be done away from Thalaipadu, which was vehemently opposed by Tamil Fishermen,   which caused the Tension between them. The tension was further increased by the police who came to the spot and tried to expel the Tamil Fishermen from the spot. Informed of the situation politicians also converged on the spot.

However the Surveying was undertaken with only the officials of the Department of Aquatic Resources present.The case will be taken up for hearing again on 24th.

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