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Friendly atmosphere prevailing in finding solution to the problem of the Fishermen : Pande, the joint Secretary to Indian Foreign Ministry

Although the teams of both countries are in a friendly atmosphere, the problem of the Fishermen cannot be negotiated and solved in just one day, said the Joint Secretary to the Indian Foreign Ministry, Sanjay Pande, in Jaffna.

He came to Jaffna on a visit and inspected the Cultural Center constructed under the Indian aid near Jaffna Library and the Duraiyappa Stadium, also renovated under Indian aid.

Speaking to the Media men later he said, We are in the process of finding a solution to the crisis situation between Indian and Sri Lanka Fishermen. Fishermen Associations of both countries confer on this matter once in every three months. Same matter is discussed by the Governments of both countries once in six months. We are acting according a mechanism regarding this.

As a part of this we are providing training in deep sea fishing and equipment to undertake them. It is essential that a consensus prevail between the two sides. We have requested the release of Indian Boats captured by Sri Lanka, following the consensus reached in the last two months.

This is the first time I am coming to Jaffna. I am happy to see the projects. Jaffna’s development after the war is very commendable, he said.