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Fuel supply at Lanka IOC’s Trincomalee unit records a high of 260 mln litres

Lanka IOC, a unit of Indian Oil Corporation, is successfully maintaining 16 oil tanks at the Trincomalee tank farm increasing its supply of fuel from 160 million litres during the 2009/2010 financial year to 260 million litres in 2010/2011. “We are maintaining our supply lines properly,” Lanka IOC Managing Director, K.R. Suresh Kumar told the Business Times. He said the Trincomalee tank farm helps to meet the petroleum needs of the North and East. The company has made a substantial investment of Rs.13 billion to acquire the tank farm and is spending a large sum of money for its maintenance.

The infrastructure has been developed which in the long run would bear fruit. A new pipe line has been laid replacing the old one. The Trincomalee terminal will also important for the development of the North and East. The World War II vintage Trincomalee oil tank farm has 99 tanks each with a capacity of 12,250 kilo-litres.