Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Full shut down call by 19 organizations on behalf of the Political Prisoners

Full shut down call by 19 organizations  on behalf of the Political Prisoners

A call for full shut down on 13th on behalf of the Tamil Political Prisoners  have been issued jointly by 19 organizations, demanding  un-conditional release of Tamil Political prisoners and to revoke the transfer of the cases of the three TPPs who are on a Fasting protest.

This call has been issued by:

Ilankai Teachers’ Association,Teachers Union of the University of Jaffna, Ilankai Saiva Maha sabai, Northern Province New Teachers’ Association, Social Science Study Circle, People’s Organization for Social justice, Vali-North Resettlement and rehabilitation Group, Tamil National Peoples’ Front, EPRLF, Democratic People Liberation Front, TULF, National organization for releasing prisoners.

Employees Union of the University of Jaffna, Rural workers Association, Action Centre for the Living Right of Tamil People, Engineers Union – Jaffna, United Socialist Party, No Democratic Marxist Leninist Party,Tamil Civil Social Center and TPC.

The government which has rehabilitated more than 12,000 militants including some senior leaders and integrated them in to the society is detaining just 132 of them. This is done for reasons not connected with the Tamils.

In order send a message to the Government, and our political leaders and other factions which have direct responsibilities that, we will never cease to fight until the TPPs are released, the call said.

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