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Gang printing Counterfeit 1,000 rupee notes Arrested in Vadamaradchchi

Nelliady Police arrested a gang in Vadamaradchchi with evidence, who had been printing counterfeit 1,000 rupee notes.

Following a tip off received by the police, when a person tried to change a fake 1,000 rupee note at a restaurant located in Vallai area, police had arrested a youth. Consequent to the arrest an investigation team was formed, led by the Nelliady SI K.Wimalaweera, and including S.Jegatheeswaran, A.Ajith, J.densiraj, and Pereara and investigation were made. On the basis of this investifgation four more suspects were arrested.

Police said one them, aged 27 is from Near Old Christian Church, Ilakkanawathai and other four are aged 17,18, 21 and 25 and are from Vannichchai Amman Kovilady, Valveddithurai. Following continuous inquiries made from the suspects, the computer used for printing fake notes, copying machine, and cut out pieces of the notes were captured from a house at Vannichchai Amman Kovilady.

The King pin of the printing operation in in the practice of visiting Vadamaradchchi from Colombo and is expected to be arrested today the police said.