Wednesday 5 August 2020
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German Envoy inspects the Mannar Sathosa Excavations

German Envoy inspects the Mannar Sathosa Excavations

The German Ambassador, Jarn Raut who was on a visit to Mannar also visited the excavation sites at the Mannar  Sathosa Premises yesterday and had discussion with the Special JMO in charge of the excavation, Chamintha Rajapakse. Incidentally it was the 105th  day of excavation at the sites.

The excavations at the Sathosa premises were temporarily suspended on 12th, due to heavy rains government exigencies and the JMO going abroad.

In this context, the excavations were resumed for the 105th time yesterday.

During the excavations, the German Ambassador Jarn Raut who made a visit to the excavation sites for directly inspecting the proceedings there had a conversation with Special JMO in charge of the excavations, Chamintha Rajapakse and updated himself on the details of the excavation.

The Special JMO told the Ambassador that 239 skeletal remains had been identified and 230 of them had been removed for storage.

It is notable that a group of foreign journalists had visited the above sites yesterday.

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