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Get Army out before putting in people, else struggle will blast warns TNA

According to the government announcement, officials yesterday took people who had applied to re-settle at Vasavillan, but they were highly disappointed as they were not allowed inspect their land. The lands are still under the control of the Army with civilian dwelling demolished and new fences around the camps existing here and there.

If the Government is going to act in a way to satisfy the Army, then the Non-Violent struggles will blast to recover the land from the Army, said the leader of the Federal Party, and TNA MP, Mavai Senathyrajah.

One of the people who were refused admission to their lands by the Army, an aged woman of 75 years lamented, “ Let me see my land before I die. If I die, my children will not know the location of the land. At least allow me to show my children the location of the land….”

Catholic Priests  who have their churches inside the HSZ,  said that they are vehemently condemning the cheating of the government and that they will be boycotting the Well planned drama of Maithri’s visit, to inaugurate the resettlement at Vasavillan.