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Get us Myliddy harbour, Valli North Resettlement Group Leader requests the Fisheries Minister

Valli North Resettlement Group Leader, Gunabalasingam,  requested  the Minister of Fisheries who was on a visit to North yesterday, to redeem the Myliddy harbour , which produced 30% of the total Sri Lankan catch, when he met the representatives of Fisheries societies at the Secretariat of the Department of Fisheries and Marine resources. While the fishermen were driven away and spending a refugee life for 25 years the navy is keeping 17 Km. of the shore including Myliddy Harbour.

The Navy which is refusing to allow the fishermen the use of Myliddy Harbour had allowed 2 private traders to use Myliddy to bring in their products. Fishermen of this area are living in 18 transit camp. If this areas are released they can settle in it, he said.