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Get us our lands from the security Forces, request Odduchuddan Cattle Breeders

The area where the Army has occupied near Muthaiyankaddu Tank vicinity, is very suitable for grazing grounds, said the cattle breeders of Odduchuddan  and they have requested that the said land be obtained from the Army.

During a discussion held in Odduchuddan for the purpose of identifying grazing grounds for the cattle the Odduchuddan farmers presented this request to the Divisional Secretary. The Cattle Breeders within the Odduchuddan Divisional Secretary’s area has for a long time to allocate them grazing grounds for their Cattle. The cattle Breeders, Agricultural organizations, Divisional Secretary, Forest Department and Police Department officials took part in the meeting.

It was pointed out that as hundreds of cattle belonging to Puthukudiyiruppu area cattle Breeders are coming into Muthaiyankaddu area, lot of disputes are created and that this should be controlled. The Police officers present said that the Divisional Secretaries of both Divisions, veterinarian,  and the cattle breeders should get together and take a decision.

In a long discussion that ensued the Agricultural Organizations and the Cattle breeders identified several grazing grounds. If the lands that are occupied by the Army in the Muthaiyankaddu Tank area  are obtained for them, that could ease the difficulties in finding grazing grounds, decided the cattle breeders, and requested the Divisional Secretary to this land for them.

The Odduchuddan Divisional Secretary, Anuruthanan, after studying all matters said that the cattle breeders has identified several lands for grazing grounds, but, are not enough and those lands are under control of the Forest Department. Request has been made to the Forest Department to release the land when they release the lands, grazing grounds could be established in them.