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“ Give me my son”: Pleads Jeyakumari in tears


Jeyakumari who was released on bail yesterday pleaded with the HR activists who were outside the courts to receive her, “ My son should come back…some wise find him for me.”. She thanked all the people who toiled for her release.

A chronology of events connected to Jeyakumary’s  arrest.

06.03.2014 – Two persons were arrested in the early hours today while pasting posters in the name  of “Guadians of Tamil Eelam”, in Ithavil, Palai area.

09.03.2014 – Police announced that, two former members of the LTTE, Kajeepan and Gopi as wanted persons.

11.03.2014 – The wife of one of the above wanted person, Sharmila Gopi was arrested in Trincomalee and taken immediately by the TID to the 4th Floor (Actually TID operates in the 2nd floor and CID occupies 4th floor.)

13.03.2014 – It was said that, Shots fired at TID officers in Tharmapuram and one officer was wounded in this firing. Kilinochchi police said that Gopi did the firing from Jeyakumary’s house. Jeyakumari and her daughter Vipusika( two week after attaining age) were arrested and taken to Vavuniya.

14.03.2014 – Both were produced before the Kilinochchi Magistrate Mr. S.Subramanium. Court ordered that, Vipusika be sent to a children home. Court allowed to detain Jeyakumari  for 18 days and interrogate her under the Defense Ministry’s Detention Order.

16.03.2014 – The HR enthusiast, Ruky Fernando and Rev. Fr. Praveen Mahesan who went to inquire about  Jeyakumary was arrested by Kilinochchi Police.

18.03.2014 – Both the HR enthusiasts were released due to International pressure.

20.03.2014 – Police annouced that, they are searching for two accomplices of Gopi, THevikan and Appan.

11.04.2014 – Thevikan,  Appu and Gopi, who were alleged to have undertaken Re-organization of the LTTE and announced as wanted persons, were shot dead, the SL Army said.

16.12.2014 – Jeyakumari was transferred from Boosa prison to Magazine prison.

06.03.2015 – Bail application filed in the court for Jeyakumary.

10.03. 2015 – Jeyakumary and eight others arrested Jeyakumary were released on conditional bail.