Tamil Diplomat

It gives suspicion that ban on Thileepan Commemorations had been sought, says AAL, Manivannan

The application in court to ban Thileepan’s Commemorations, has created much suspicion and hence we have also decided to appear in the court during the case, said MMC and AAL, and the Chief Organizer of TNPF, Visvalingam Manivannan.

We came to understand that the police had filed a case calling for the ban on the Commemoration tomorrow and for the removal of security fences around Thileepan memorial.

The LTTE was not branded as a Terrorist Movement at the time of Thileepan’s fast unto death. He fought a non-violent struggle against the IPKF. During that time it was rumoured that the then Premadasa Government collaborated with the LTTE against IPKF.

However, we will allow to ban the Commemoration of to remove the protective fences, he said.