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Gnnasarathero is trying to create race riots: condemns Minister Rishad

The hidden agenda of  Gannasara Thero is to create race riots, said Minister Rishad Badi-ud-deen . He said this after making a complaint with the IGP on Saturday .

He further said that, Gnnasara thero is acting lowly in degrading Islam. His continuous racist talks and hate making activities have severely affected Muslim people. Although he is behind the Aluthgama riots and the area people had made complaints against him, he has neither been arrested nor inquired on. No action has been taken against him.

Before and after that incident, he had abused Momadu Nabi, Kuran  and Muslim people lowly language. Although he is talking hate making aversive talks, no action had been taken against him neither during the  last regime  nor in this regime. The Muslim people are highly worried about this situation.

The inherent agenda of Gnnasara Thero is to make Sinhala and Muslim to fight against one another and create a race riot. The Good Governance Government should not allow this.