Tamil Diplomat

‘Gold Rush’ at Manalkadu?

Last week a group of persons from Colombo had attempted to dig a huge hole in Manalkadu, Vadamaradchchi, with heavy machinery. When the local people inquired them they had said they are from TID digging for hidden weapons. The area people getting suspicious of them had informed the police. When police arrived at the site, the diggers had fled leaving an expensive car. Police gave chase and arrested 4 persons who were attempting the dig. The arrested persons had told the police under interrogation the they were trying to locate 600 kilos of gold supposed to be buried there by the LTTE, on an information of an Ex-LTTE member living abroad. On their statement the Backhoe used for the dig was taken into custody with its driver by Point Pedro police. The suspects were produced before the court which had ordered they be detained and investigated.

Now, excavations are to be done there from today to 2nd December to find out whether gold is really buried there in the presence of Maruthankerny Divisional Secretary, Director of mineral mining, Director of , Superintendent of Environment,  Superintendent of Department  of Archeology and the  Point Pedro Magistrate.