Friday 19 July 2019
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Good Governance Government targeting the vote bank of Tamils in Northern Province: Staged in Mannar

Good Governance Government targeting the vote bank of Tamils in Northern Province: Staged in Mannar

Mannnar Correspondent 

Good Governance Government is extending its diplomatic moves targeting the vote bank of Tamils in Northern Province. As a part of this covert plans are being undertaken in Mannar.

Particularly, it could be observed that  Sinhala colonization is undertaken in a slow pace in Mannar District.

Several oppositions were raised after a Sinhala GA was appointed to Mannar District. At that time several Sinhala settlements were set up in Mannar District.

However it is surprising that the particular Sinhala GA who was appointed during Mahindha regime had not been transferred to date, in this regime which is called a Good Governance Government.

Vanni Minister Rishad Badi-ud-deen also acted in several ways to encourage the said settlements. For the last several years the Navy was in occupation of the Technical College , constructed for the Mannar youths, and then the STF acquired it and continuously occupied it in a way detrimental to the development  of Tamil youth.

Although, several attempts were made to recover the said Technical College in order to improve the occupational education, those attempts were not successful, due to the intervention of the Government.

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However it was expected by many that, the situation will change with takeover of the Good Governance Government.

In this context, although the Mannar youth made several attempts to progress in the Technical side, the state Forces were in continuous occupation of the Technical College, affecting Tamil youth.

Although several factions brought this to the attention of the said GA, he never paid any attention to the matter. Being appointed by the government, he fulfilled the tasks in Mannar, for which he was sent there.

He cleverly undertook activities with a long vision of  increasing the distribution of Sinhala race in Mannar.

In this context a situation is prevailing to date, where Mannar Youth cannot reap benefits from the said Technical College.

During the Mahintha regime , several Sinhala colonization were undertaken through the said GA. At this juncture, the Maithri – Ranil  Good Governance Government which was formed after Jan.8th, had transferred several GAs in the Northern Province but had not taken any action to transfer the  said Mannar GA, who was opposed by the Mannar people .

It is very clear that the reason for this is that the Good Governance Government is also undertaking the same strategy for which, the said GA was  appointed to Mannar District by the Mahindha regime.

The Army had occupied lands several places apart from the already occupied Kalliyadi, Madhu, Irranai Illuppai Kulam, Sannar, Vellankulam, Sinna Valayan Kaddu,Murungan, Koorai, Nayathuvelly, Parappukadanthan, Moonrampiddy, Thevanpiddy in Mannar District.

Similarly, the Navy had occupied lands at several places including Pesalai, Vankalai, and Silavaththurai. Likewise several acre lands were grabbed in Thiruketheeswaram area under the guise of allocation for the Air Force.

Apart from this, 4839 hectares of marsh lands linking Mannar mainland and Mannar Island including Vankalai, Southbar, Pallimunai, and Thiruketheeswaram had been occupied under guise of Bird Sanctuary.

Further, action had been taken by the government to grab coastal lands from the beaches of Thalvupadu up to areas closer to Thalai Mannar under the guise of erecting Wind mills for electricity generation.

Apart from this several thousand acres of private and state lands were grabbed by Forest Department and Archaeological Department. Also, actions are being taken at a snail’s pace to occupy lands further and further and set up Sinhala settlements on them.

The government is trying to allocate 4,000 acre land the Army had occupied in Sannar legally to the army with a view of setting up Sinhala settlements. A

As a part of such activities, Forest department had acquired several thousand acres of lands in areas like Uyilankulam, Vankalai, and Madhu in the Mannar District and several thousand acre land had been grabbed under the guise of Birds’ Sanctuary so as to facilitate the moves that had been slowly undertaken by the Good Governance Government to colonize these lands with Sinhalese in the future, thereby increase the Sinhala population distribution and obliterate the vote bank of the Tamil people.

Particularly, the Forest Department is acquiring lands and preventing people from settling in lands with more than five feet of plant under growths saying such lands belong to the Forest Department.

Continuously keeping of a Sinhala GA, who dance to the tune of the government in the midst of Tamil people living in concentration in Mannar District, displays overtly the real self of the government.

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