Tamil Diplomat

Government agree to amend Anti-Terrorism Act (new PTA) draft

The government has agreed to make amendments in the Anti-Terrorism Act Draft, which is replace PTA.

The Draft of the New Anti -Terrorism Act was submitted in the Cabinet during September last year. In the context of that draft being leaked out severe criticism had been leveled against several features contained in the draft.

In this context the Government has agreed to make amendments in the original draft submitted in the Cabinet.

Hot debates had occurred in the Monitoring Group meeting on National Security held yesterday. The TNA and the JVP had insisted in this meeting regarding provisions including allowing the attorney of an arrested person to meet him before the first statement is obtained from him.

However the Anti-terrorism Act Draft had been submitted with amendments to the Cabinet.

However after the International Human Rights Organizations had expressed concern over the Anti-terrorism Act draft, the Government had agreed to make amendments in the draft.