Tuesday 22 October 2019
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This Government considering Tamils as a Third party , accuses Shanthi, MP

This Government considering Tamils as a Third party , accuses Shanthi, MP

Vanni MP, Shanthy Sriskantharasa has said that this government is not solving even problems that could be solved immediately.

She commented as above when she was asked to comment about the current situation in Vanni.

Although we are going towards the 9th year after war even the basic problems in Vanni  are solved, she said. A good example of this the ancestral lands of the people being not released so far. Not only in Mulaitheevu District, but also in Mannar and Vavuniya Districts, the lands had not been released. The security forces had occupied the land. People waiting for a long time, have now started to struggle for their lands.

This government has established Forces camps on people’s lands and continuing to say that they cannot release the lands.

Further the Fisheries had been affected badly in Mulaitheevu. Although we have informed Central Minister of Fisheries about this and the encroachment of southern fishermen and their improper and illegal fishing, they have taken them into account but continuing to giving permits to further southern fishermen and their boats, and giving the landing areas of Tamil fishermen to Sinhala fishermen.

I consider this as the Government being either turning a Nelsonian eye on the problems of the Tamil people or they are treating.

Tamils as a third party, she said.

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