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If the government fights against the UN and International Community, it will be in danger: Sampanthan

Mahindha’s  government was exclude because it fought against the UN and the International Community. The present government should have this in mind and stop fighting against the UN and International Community, said the Leader of the opposition Era Sampanthan.

The President had said in the event for celebrating the completion of one year of good governance, ” We will strengthen the independence and National security, and redeem the country from the UNHRC Resolution. We will never bow down to International Community”

Sampanthan commented as above when he was asked about the president statement. Elaborating further he said that, the Government should stop fighting against the UN and International Community and implement the resolution of the UNHRC. The arguments put forward by the UN are relevant to the interests of the country. We welcome the UN initiative. The Government also had to do so.

The Tamil people should be delivered with a just solution.Day to day problems of Tamil people should be solved. There is no questions about theses, he said.