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Government is just watching the understanding of the Tamil People with amusement : Wigneswaran to German Ambassador

The NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran said yesterday to the German Ambassador, Jorne Rotharm, that the present government is acting from a position of just watching the understanding of the Tamil people in amusement and it is also acting in an autocratic manner with the Provincial Councils.

The German Ambassador who was on a visit to the North met the CM in his residence located in Temple Road, Jaffna, day before yesterday and had a discussion.

Commenting on the meeting the CM said that, ” I told him that the self determination for us and people’s aspirations are only on paper. The Ambassador found out from me, regarding development projects undertaken by the German Government in the Northern Province, projects undertaken district wise, resettlement Health,education and housing schemes and social development programmers. As the Center is acting in an autocratic way several hindrances are posed across the activities undertaken by us.”