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The Government should not show it has released Kepapulavu after releasing neighbouring village, say area People

The lands acquired by the Army at Kepapulavu have not been released so far. Saying that they have released Kepapulavu after releasing only the neighbouring villages, said the former residents of Kepapulavu.

Kepapulavu people have put up Tin sheds in front of the Army Camp at Kepapulavu  and have gone into a non-violent struggle from day before yesterday demanding the release of 480 acre lands belonging to 128 families, occupied by the Army at the end of the War.

Commenting on their struggle the people said:

Kepapulavu is an ancient village. We have been made to stay in a so called Model Village losing our hereditary lands to the Army. From the day we were condemned to the model village we are fighting for our lands. Neighbouring villages have been released. We are happy about it, but don’t show that Kepapulavu has been released.

What we request from the Good Governance is “release our ancestral lands. It is enough to live as refugees in our own lands. We have undertaken this struggle with a clear consciousness. We will not stop until we step into our own lands.

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