Tamil Diplomat

Government plans to make Palaly an International Airport

The Leader of ITAK and TNA MP, Mawai Senathyrajah said that the Government had consented to transform the Palaly Air Port into an International Air Port and the development work will start soon and that, No private lands will not be acquired for this.

Clarifying further  he said that, we are expecting several development projects, and economical zones and the time is ripe to get them.

Particularly, several factions are harbouring favourable opinions about the conversion of Palaly into International Air Port. But we didn’t  like the acquisition of people’s land for this.

In the context of having discussions  to clarify this with the president and Chandrika Bandaranayake, a consensus had been reached now.

Particularly, after the discussion it had been decided not take over people’ lands but reclaim sea areas along Palaly and    carry out any run way development. The drafts of this had been given to us and a firm decision will be taken soon.

It is notable that, the Tamil Diplomat reported a scheme to reclaim sea areas and shift Army cantonment there  and the expressed concern about the ecological  damages that could cause.