Tamil Diplomat

Government will not release 500 acres in Sampur, allocated for Thermal Power Station

Although the Sampur Thermal Power Station project has been abandoned, the government will not hand over 500 acres taken over from people and allocated to the Power Station Project, said the Deputy Minister for Power and Re-newable Energy, Ajith P. Perera.

Alternate lands are to be provided to the people and if the people who have not received lands apply to me or the Ministry of Resettlement, the applications will be considered he said.

The agreement for the Sampur Power Station was signed by the CEB and NDPC Establishment in 2006. It was expected to be completed in 2017. But, controversy prevailed over it. In this context we decided to abandon the project after coming to power.

This land which was allocated for Power station had cleared, fenced and gate installed. It is much suitable for an Industrial Institution. It is being contemplated to establish power production with liquid gas and Solar power. The CEB or our Ministry was not responsible for the displacement of Sampur People. War caused them to displace.