Tamil Diplomat

Governor Cooray accedes that the Army disseize people’s land but shows IPKF, LTTE precedence

The Northern Governor acceded that the Sri Lankan Army has disseize people’s lands in the North.he was participating in the reopening of the Aluminium factory renovated by the Indian Owner.

However he also said that, the Indian Army and the LTTE held people’s land and like that the Sri Lankan army is holding people’s land, now.

More factories like this should be put up to develop the economy of the Northern people. The Government is also encouraging such efforts. Investors are coming forward invest here because the abnormal situation prevailing here is non existence. There is no alternate opinion to lands should be handed over their lands he said.

This factory which was located at Thellipalai, was earlier transferred to Colombo due to the unsettled situation in the North. The Managing Director of the Factory said that they are intending to establish more factories like this and provide employment to around 2,000 youth.