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Governor going beyond his authority limits, accuses T.Raviharan,NPC

In recent times the Northern Governor is going beyond his authority limits and intervening in administrative activities in an authoritarian manner, accused NPC Member T.Raviharan.

Elaborating further he said, the Governor has conducted an inquiry on Land disputes in Mulaitheevu District. The inquiry has been held one sided. This is an act violating the human rights of the affected people. It is very unfortunate that a person who plays with the land disputes issuing, decisions on a “Katta panchayathu” ( adhoc court) style has been appointed as the Governor of our area.

It has made the law and order of this country in to a question mark and making a mockery out of the state administration that the governor has taken and given decisions reversing the decisions given in the mobile services by officers who know well the laws regarding the Administration of State Lands, including laws such as the Land Development Statutes and State lands laws.

The past Governors had never taken the land disputes in to their hands and given judgment contravening the Law. This Government which is being identified as Good Governance, should pay adequate attention on this matter, and re-examine the judgment given in contravention of the law. At least , in the future the Northern Governor should refrain from causing confusions, by intervening into the Administrative activities of the Northern Province, he said.