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Govt won’t interfere with funds of PCs etc : Musthapha

Provincial Council and Local Government Minister Faizer Musthapha has stated that the central government will not interfere with the monies of the Provincial Councils and other local bodies.

He was speaking in Parliament on the Budget debate. He stated that the government does not want to intervene in the funds allocated to the Provincial Council, Provincial Councils and Local Government. Chief Ministers of the Provincial Councils claimed that they did not have a separate financial head. The President agreed to provide a solution for the matter within a week during a discussion with the President and the Finance Minister.

He explained that according to the new electoral system, 70 percent of the members will be elected under the first past the post system while the other 30 percent members will be elected under the proportionate system based on the lists forwarded by the political parties.

He went on that a committed has been appointed to demarcate election boundaries under the guidance of the President and the Prime Minister. The committee has received around 500 appeals. The All Party Conference will be held on December 11 under the patronage of the President and the Prime Minister. Appeals will be considered at the conference.