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Grand recommencement of “Manch Viraddu” (Subduing Bulls) at Kilinochchi

Youths from Periya Paranthan Kilinochchi have held the Traditional Pongal game of “Manchu Viraddu”. In the pre-war period, ‘Manchu Viraddu’ had been held at several Villages in Kilinochchi District.

However, in a context where the traditional game “Manchu Viraddu”  which is held in conjunction with Thai Pongal festival, had not been held after war ended , the youths of Periyaparanthan have given a new lease to the game, this year.

In this game the owners of bulls will select a bull and hang either money knotted in a piece of cloth or will tie a piece of cloth and announce a prize for taking the cloth off the bull. The bulls will be driven away with lighted crackers. Whoever dare to chase the bull subdue it with his bare hands, and  remove the cloth will be the winner.

This is the annual “Manchu Viraddu” game held during Pongal Day. Several youths were seen participating enthusiastically in the “Manchu Viraddu”  this year.

Subduing Bulls 1 Subduing Bulls 2 Subduing Bulls 3