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Granting autonomy in merged North and East is the only way, Wigneswaran insists in Ezhuka Thamizh

The Chief Minister of Northern Province, Justice, C.V.Wigneswaran had said that the North and East of the Sri Lanka are the motherland of Tamil speaking people and granting autonomy to Tamil people is the order of the day.

Addressing the people at the end of the Rally, “Ezhuka Thamizh” held on a  grand scale in Jaffna, in the Jaffna esplanade , Wigneswaran further said ,“ If this country wishes  to travel towards political, social and economic dawn, with peace, and with good relationship, the only solution for that will be Federal Political system. The parties and people are determined in this.

Unitary state system will continue to stagnate the power in the hands of majority people. Granting autonomy to Tamil People respecting their right of self determination is the only way, if  at least now, the Tamil speaking people and the Sinhala speaking people to live cordially, with equal status and good relationship.

In answering people who had said that it is inappropriate to hold a rally like this now, he asked,  “ If we are not going to declare our concern to the town, the country and the world, now, when are we going to say it?”

We do not expect that the forthcoming constitution will satisfy our aspirations. We, on the basis of the past experience,  do not expect that the leaders of the majority people who had held the powers in their hands for so long, will share the powers fairly. If they share like that, we will be happy. If not, when are we going to express our concern overtly? he asked.

The Chief Minister compared the Speaking of reconciliation and the new political constitution without giving importance to problems like War Crimes Investigation, finding out the missing persons, and releasing the Political Prisoners detained in prison to putting the horse before the cart.

Unprecedented number of people from all parts of North and East, with some estimating it at more than 30,000, participated in the rally which took around 15 minutes to pass one point  and in the meeting. Jaffna peninsula assumed a cohortative atmosphere and liberation sentiments flooding everywhere.

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