Thursday 16 July 2020
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Grateful Tamil people throng Thuyillumillams in Unprecedented numbers despite military threats to remember their Maveerars

Grateful Tamil people throng Thuyillumillams in Unprecedented numbers despite military threats to remember their Maveerars

The Maveerar Day  was observed in a resurgent mood and sentimentally in motherland in North and East and abroad in remembrance of their children who had sacrificed themselves for the liberation of Tamil People. Maveerar day was observed in 16 Thuyillumillams and 05 public places in the mother land in North and East with the usual peeling of Bells, silent tribute, lighting of Sacrificial flames, and revolutionary and Maveerar songs especially the Thuyillumilla song ” Thayakak Kanavudan Savinay Thazhuviya Santhana Pezhaikazhe……” ( Sandalwood chests who embraced death with the dream of a motherland…),  proudly filling the air.



Parents,  siblings, relatives, co-fighters, friends and other people broke down and wept openly, in remembrance of their beloved parents, sons and daughters who had fallen in the War of Liberation.

Although heavy showers were experienced day before yesterday night and yesterday morning nature honoured the Maveerars by not posing any hindrance.

More than 1,000 people converged on Uduththurai Thuyillumillam. More than 300 sacrificial flames were lighted there with the main flame lighted by the mother of 4 Maveerars  Kanthasamy Saraswathy.

At the Theeruvil memorial for Kumarappa – Pulendiran , Mother of Major Kinny and Major Muraly , lighted the main flame.

In the event in front of former  Kopay Thuyillumillam, the father 3 Maveerars  Appulingam.

Maveerar Day events were held at Passaiyoor Beach, where the father of Siruththai Brigade Maveerar Thuvarahan

Sacrificial flame was lighted in sea in memory of  Sea Black Tiger  Angayatkanni.

At Mulankavil Thuyillumillam more than 3,000 people in the Maveerar Day event and the father of Black Tiger Captain Nangai.

At Kanagapuram Thuyillumillam unprecedented number of people filled to create the grandeur atmosphere of  pre- 2009 days. The mother of 3 Maveerars Lt.Col. Thiyagarajah, Lt.Thiyagavilly and Lt.Thiyagamala, K.Thavamany lighted the main flame.

At Aalkaddivelly Thuyillumillam,Mother of Lt. Col. Vannimannan, Mrs. Lucia lighted the main flame.

At Aandankulam, father of 3 Maveerars, Gnanapragasam lighted the main flame

At Kallikaadu in Vavuniya  District sister of lt.Col.Navam and the brother of Brigadier Balraj lifghted the main flames.

Maveerar Day events were held in nine locations in Mulaitheevu District.


Theravil  – mother of maveerar Nediyavan lighted the main Flame.

Mulliyavalai – Mother of Major Paseelan  lighted the main Flame.

Vannivilankulam – Fater of Inkuyil lighted the main Flame

Maveerar Day events were also held at Iranaipalai,Koddaikallady camp, Alampil, Eechankulam in Mulaitheevu District and in Trincomalee, sampur in Trincomalee district, Mavady in Baticaloa District and Kanchikudicharu in Amparai District.

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