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Grease and caustic substance in bottled drinking water in Jaffna

Last month sampling was done in the bottled drinking water produced by 9 firms sold in Jaffna District, by the Consumers Authority  and were sent for analysis to the Government Analyst Department. The result of the analysis of 8 samples had been received now. As per these results:

Traces of Caustic substance were found in the samples of 02 firms;

Traces of grease and oil were found in the samples of 03 firms

Traces of caustic substance, oil and grease were found in the samples of 03 firms.

The Consumers Authority said that cases will be filed against the 08 firms this  but declined state the names of the offending firms , citing non-receiving  the authority to publish the names of the firms.

The result of the 9th sample was not received so far by the authority.