Tamil Diplomat

Only half of the funds allocated for North received-Crisis in allocating funds to projects of the current year

Out of the 3,168 Million Rupees of Provincial Specific Development Grant, allocated for the North in the National budget, for the current only1,500 Million rupees has been received so far by the NPC, the Chief  Secretary’s Secretariat sources said.

In the context of only 2 days are left in this year, the balance allocated money of Rs. 1,668 Million has not been released so far, they said. If the funds allocated for the current year’s project, many difficulties will be encountered in reimbursing money to these projects in the forthcoming months, they pointed out.

The Budget of the NPC for 2016 was prepared on the basis of these allocated funds. The Project for these funds has been undertaken. But only, 1,500 million has been released by the Centre so far.  Although   Rs. 575 Million was allocated for the Province, only 92% had released so far. Although the prime minister had promised to take action to release the balance money, more amount is out standing in the allocated funds.

It is notable the 500 Million was released in the middle part of last month and 100 million at the start of this month.