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Happy Birthday Kamal Haasan

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan turns 62 today. The versatile actor has requested his fan clubs to not celebrate his birthday at a time when the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is unwell and admitted to a hospital.Personally as well as professionally this has not been a good year for Kamal and his fans. 2016 will not have any Kamal film release and that is definitely something he and his fans would not have wished.

In July he met with an accident which caused a severe leg fracture that necessitated a surgery and the actor is still under rest to recover from its impact. This meant that the trilingual film ‘Sabash Naidu’ which started in May and initially planned November release is stranded after the completion of predominant portions in its lengthy first schedule in USA. Anyone witnessing the recent years of Kamal’s acting career and the way he has been planning his films and their release would aver that Kamal would have definitely completed the film and it would have hit the screens by now if the unfortunate incident had not happened.

Secondly Kamal also underwent a painful separation in his personal life this year. Actress Gauthami who has been living with him for the past 13 years has decided to move out of the relationship. Though both the parties have taken it in their stride and had a dignified split, one cannot deny that both of them will be undergoing severe agony at this moment.

We as his fans and well-wishers can only wish him a speedy recovery from both the physical illness and mental stress. Kamal’s life has been filled with such painful events but none of them have thwarted him from entertaining and enlightening us through his films and other public forums. The actor is also active in Twitter and has been constantly updating his fans with a lot of information of the present and nostalgic memories from the past. We are confident that he will continue to do so in the coming years and his zeal to push the envelope and stand out tall will only increase with every passing day.

Much has been written about his multi-talented personality, his exemplary skills as an actor, director, writer, poet, singer, dancer and lot more talents associated to cinema. He is a tech wizard and has been instrumental in the introduction of many new technologies in filmmaking and also new business models and promotions that are popularly followed in Tamil cinema today.

While all these certainly deserve yet another mention, something we could discover from Kamal in his recent interviews is that at a time he is young at heart he is also a treasure trove of experience. Having worked in film industry over five decades he has a lot of interesting and very useful information about the evolution of Tamil cinema. His superior memory power and sincere attention to detail is palpable when he shares something from his past.

On this occasion we place our request to Kamal Haasan that he should start penning his autobiography as it will be immensely useful to everyone aspiring to achieve in any of the fields in film industry and also those who love cinema.

We also want our Ulaganayagan to complete his dream project ‘Marudhanayagam’ and give us a lot more quality films. He should keep contributing to the growth of cinema by all means possible for many more years. All of us can be assured that he will do all these and let force be with him to accomplish these herculean tasks.Before that, we wish our beloved Kalaignani Kamal Haasan a Happy Birthday and a long, healthy and happy life ahead.