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Hard drugs brought to North with the connivance of the Forces, accuses CM, Wigneswaran

Raising a question as to how the hard drugs are smuggled into the North while 150,000 Army and Police are on duty here, the CM, C.V.Wigneswaran said that he suspects that the drugs are being smuggled in with their connivance.

The Jaffna Social Society Centre held a Eradicating violence against Woman event yesterday at around 10.00a.m.

1980s saw the violence was eradicated in a violent way. A situation prevailed here for 3 decades where Girls could move around alone or in groups even at mid night without fear. I am not saying that is correct or wrong. Our youths controlled violence of all sorts creating fear against them.

But now somebody is seems to be triggering violence against women. Situations had changed to very lowest level within two, three years after the end of war. From Vidya to the old women killed in Uduvil could be cited as examples. Violence by husbands, women against women, gender based problems and rapes are happening. Even the small children are molested. It is heart breaking to see the violence against women increased.

When these are studied in deep you are forced ask a question whether some body deliberately introducing these evils in to our society so as destroy our nation.

News Papers every day carry news items saying ‘100 kgs Ganja captured in Mathagal’ , ‘Gnaja captured in Mannar’. I want to ask whether people in Mathagal grow Gaanja? When did Mannar become the distribution HQ of Ganja?

As per the unconfirmed information received by us show that, the drugs are being brought here, from outside, with the connivance of security forces personnel who come from other districts and work here. Much interest is shown in pushing these drugs into student societies. Deep studies will show those who could not bear the Tamil people living morally, their education, their culture and our wide distribution globally are introducing these evils into us he said.